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Concordia Lutheran High School
Class Of 1963

     The big news at CLHS this fall is that they are actually having school in person. So far, things are going pretty well, albeit with a lot of new rules and restrictions.  Many of these situations are of the good news/bad news variety. For example, there is football, but no fans are allowed in the stands except for four people per player, and that is only as of September 1.  Only one fourth of the student body is allowed in the auditiorium so the chapel/koinonia schedule has been turned topsy-turvy with koinonia occurring three fourths of the time and chapel one fourth.  We could cite more examples, but I think you get the idea.  Indiana has kept the same level of caution for several months despite the fact that they had predicted there would be a return to pre-Covid coditions by this time.

     All sports are being conducted, again with restrictions for fans.  There is choir, but there will probably not be the level of singing at local congregations as there has been in the past.  If things return to "normal", they will probably be singing at the churches again as soon as restrictions are lifted.  Normally, they sing at each FW church about once every other year.  

     Haven't heard final enrollment figures yet, but I am sure they will be down beause of parents choosing to home school or finding other alternatives.  Our grade schools are seeing some losses so we assume the same will be true at CLHS.  

     On the home improvement front, CLHS now has an articial-turf field, new scoreboard, new track, and newly-resurfaced tennis courts.  The scoreboard was provided by an individual donor, and the rest of the project is being fund-raised with some moneys from the Lutheran Foundation.  

     It looked as if 2020 would be a good year for our class healthwise, but then we suddenly lost two classmates, Paulette Liddy Serrani and Dick Alfeld, within a couple weeks of each other.  As I have mentioned before, Dick loved to play golf so it's kind of heart-warming to note that the long-drive hole on Emmanuel's annual golf outing will forever be known as the Dick Alfeld Long Drive Hole.  If you ever played with him, you would know that he could hit the ball a long way.  

     Despite the difficulties associated with COVID last spring, CLHS stood out among the schools of the city by being technologically prepared to adjust to the academic changes.  The Gospel message was porclaimed throughout the spring, and classes were conducted as well as possible under the conditions.  Please pray that CLHS and all our schools will be able to conduct school in person for the remainder of the year.  Pray for the students and teachers that they will be able to stay positive under these difficult circumstances.


Wanted to give you a few updates on some of the information in the other announcement. 

     So far, things are going pretty well with in-person learning. If a student tests positive, he and classmates that can be identified as having had close contact with him, must quarantine for 14 days. The state has a thing clalled the dashboard where schools must report their covid cases. We are in pretty good shape on that front. Snider High School had to discontinue its cross-country season because a team member tested postitive which was unfortunate. Most of the CLHS student body has opted to attend school in person, but distance options are available.  

     Band - Indiana cancelled band competitions for the fall so the band members were pretty disappointed since they have done so well the past few years. They are still preparing a program and have performed at some football games.  

     Football - So far, the football season has been uninterrupted. A limited number of fans are allowed so I have not been able to see the new turf and scoreboard in person. All games are televised so it's great to see a field that still looks great at the end of October. We have a pretty good team, sitting at 4-4 in SAC play. We have a chance to have a record above .500 if we beat North Side Friday. That hasn't happened for several years. We should do well in tournament competition when playing teams more our size.

     Choir - Choir had its first concert last week, performing in the gym so that audience and choir could be seated safely. Everything is very different this year, but teachers are doing a great job of trying to keep things as normal as possible. 

     Class Golf News - The team of Steve Doctor, Norb Dreyer, Mike Mommer, and Jim  Smith finished at -7 at the CLHS Scramble recently. The winners were only -11 so we felt pretty good about that. We missed Dick Alfeld who had golfed with us for the last several years.

     Cross Country - Both CC teams made it out of scetionals, boys finishing first and girls second. The boys won the state tournament for the first time in history last year and should go far again. Girls are strong also and may make it to the state competition, but not much chance of winning with Carroll in the mix. 

     Unimportant News - I know this isn't very important to many of you, but for those of us who are longtime baseball fans, this has been a disastrous year. Many of our boyhood idols have died in the last few months. The list includes Al Kaline, Tom Seaver, Don Larsen, Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, Lou Brock, and now Joe Morgan, 82 former MLB players have died this year in all. 

     Please continue to pray for CLHS and its faculty and students. The last few months have been the most difficult ones most teachers have ever faced. Pray that they are able to stay open and teach in person.